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Dad for 2 girls, software architect and a director of Nakanoya in Melbourne Australia.


  • Email: gotahiroki@gmail.com

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Technical Lead and Software Architect

Spatial Vision

We provide cloud based tailored business application platforms for Australian government.




Support Melbourne based local businesses for optimizing IT operations using Kaizen process.


Senior Developer

Sputnik Agency

Build a Content Management and eCommerce websites for Telstra, The Good GUys, Cadbury and more...


System Engineer

Seiko Software (Japan, Tokyo)

My first system engineering job back in Tokyo Japan. built a complex Enterprise Supply Chain for NEC, a leading Japanese electronics company.


Kanban & Kaizen

Continuously improve (Kaizen) our development process by empowering the team and sharing the knowledge.


Automate the development process from creating a project, build, test and deploy for mobile apps, web apps, infra and APIs.

Mobile and Web

Create a simple and easy to use native mobile app and web application (PWA) with Ionic/Angular.

Team Development

Grow the capabilities of the team through mentoring, coaching, tech talks and leadership.

Technical Blog

Share our story in application development, R&D, Kanban, Kaizen and lessons learned with the community.


Utilise the cutting edge cloud technology including API Gateway, Lambda, Fargate, RDS, Amplify and build the infra as code using CloudFormation, CLI and CodeBuild

Azure and Office 365

Streamline administrative business processes with Office 365 and Azure platform.

Firebase platform

Leverage Firebase and promote a realtime view of events in the field.

Offline capable field data collection

Simple and easy to use mobile apps in the field, supporting fishers, patrol officers, farmers and citizen science volunteers.

Machine Learning First

Identify the kind of fish using a image recognition; navigate apps through voice command.



Bachelor of Information Technology

Charles Sturt University

Diploma in Inforamtion Technology

Holmesglen TAFE





The second winter - Backyard Aquaponics in Melbourne

Jun. 12, 2020 7 min read 78

This is the second winter since I started my backyard aquaponics and I want to share my experience and how I manage my system and still grow fish and veges throughout the year.

5 Reasons you should visit Kakeroma Island, experience a slow life in Japan

Feb. 24, 2020 3

Kekeroma island, a small island near Okinawa, where you can experience a unique and slow Japanese life, different from other Major tourist destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Mt Fuji and Niseko (for Skiing).

日本の小学校へ体験入学 ー 2019年秋日記

Jan. 16, 2020 3

なぜ体験入学? 日本での体験入学の話は、青空食堂のお母さんから経験話を聞いて、ネットで色々調べてみると海外在住の日本人の親にとって日本の学校に子供を行かせたいというのは共通な課題であるようです。

Identify Fish using Machine Learning

Nov. 22, 2018 7 min read 78

The hackathon challenges was to create an app for recreational fishers which would identify the species of fish they caught in order to determine whether take it home or release it..

Migrating from Jenkins to GitLab CI : DSL side by side

Nov. 28, 2018 3

At Spatial Vision, we have been using Jenkins for Continuous Integration, building, testing and deploying web apps, native mobile apps, APIs and AWS resources to target environments.


Oct. 11, 2019 9 mins


I am Available for IT consulting

Too much work with Excel and email? Let's automate and focus on your business.

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